Welcome to SS Rice Mill

Welcome to SS Rice Mill

About Us

SS Rice processing mill is the food division of our SS group operating under a simple modus operandi; maintaining the absolute best quality in rice processing and exporting to all major markets of the world.

Rice Mill

Our Rice Mill is located at S.I.T.E. Area, Karachi Pakistan. We operate a warehouse in Karachi with a capacity of 3,000 Metric tons. We also have a warehouse in Dubai that is able to store 25 containers of rice. 


Another division within our nexus is FoodStuff distribution division in UAE.A competitive local distribution service of over 300 items based in Dubai, U.A.E. This prominent division of S.S group deals in the trading of foodstuff…

Farmer Relation

At SS Rice Mills, our main goal is to build relationships with farmers. We are making every effort to educate them and mentor them in a modern manner so that they may comprehend the modern methods of cultivation. By being aware of contemporary techniques, farmers can increase productivity and enhance their working environment. We are encouraging them to enhance their farming methods, teaching them new farming techniques, and providing assurances for the highest yield of superior paddy to outstanding milling outcomes.

Our Products

XXL Sella
Silver Biryani Rice

386 Basmati Rice

1121 XXXL Basmati White Rice

PK 386 Basmati Rice

1121 XXXL Steam Rice

1121 XXXL Sella Rice

Jasmine Rice

Parboiled Sella US Style Rice

XXL Steam Kainat Rice

5% Broken White Rice

Our Products

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