Yousuf Bachat Economical Rice-Rs.205/-kg


  • Yousuf Rice Is Offering Bundle #7 of Bachat economical rice on discounted rates
  • Yousuf Bachat economical Rice Extra Long Grain Rice
  • Available in 03-kg and 05-kg  Packaging
  • Minimum order of 125-Kg
Get 5% of on Minimum order Of 5Kg Discound Code: YR05
Get 10% of on Minimum order Of 10Kg Discound Code: YR10
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Yousuf Bachat Economical Rice

Yousuf Bachat Economical Rice is a premium choice  in Holy month of Ramadan, exceptional quality at an affordable price for your good deeds and great value.

Key Features:

  1. Good lengthening and thin grains for a delightful texture.
  2. .Double polished and hygienic rice.
  3. Premium aged rice ensures increased volume, fluffiness, and yield, while imparting a distinctive flavor and aroma.

Additional information

Weight 125 kg


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