S.S Rice and our aggressive marketing team is making use of highly diverse methods to break into the world’s rice markets. Operating out of Al Ras market, Dubai U.A.E, S.S Rice division markets our products in a variety of ways to several different customer types. This is in order to widen our customer base as much as possible and cater specifically to new consumer markets. On a local level we regularly deal with rice brokers and traders in the Al Ras market. First and foremost we look to satisfy local rice needs in our own market through distributors and have an experienced team to cater to visiting customers from middle east and African Countries. We focus our marketing strategies on three levels.

Level one being local sales consisting of walk in clients, Al Ras traders and brokers, as well as local distributors.

Level three marketing strategies are on a substantially greater scale than the ones mentioned prior. We visit international consumption markets that possess great sales potential. Countries such as Kenya, Malaysia and Oman are among the great rice markets of the world. Our business involvement in these areas gives us international standing in the world rice market.

Our qualified sales team is dealing through indenters and brokers in Karachi. In order to cater our professional sales team is constantly participating in exhibitions and conferences such as; Gulf Food(UAE) ,World Food Fair (Singapore), Word Food Istanbul ( Turkey) and Asia Food Expo (Philippines)

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